I have finally heard back from all of the graduate schools I applied to (except one, which I think might have lost my application, so I will be calling them on Monday to see if I can get my application fee back), and I actually have a choice! Now is the part where I have to choose between schools. There's a school that is my gut first choice, but because I am an incredibly obsessive person I'm planning on making this decision in the most OCD way ever: a chart. What I'm doing is I'm listing categories of characteristics of a graduate program (PsyD) that are important to me, such as financial aid, location, reputation, internship rate, licensure rate, etc., and then scoring the two schools based on the information I have researched. I have assigned each category a weighted value on a scale from 1-10, 1 being not very important and 10 being extremely important. I'm going to see which school wins each category, and that school will get the points value for that characteristic. Then I'm going to add them up at the end and see which school wins. See what I mean about obsessive?

Anyway, I'd like your input! For those of you who are in grad school, went to grad school, are applying to grad school, on what characteristics did/do you base your decision?

Thanks, 'Bels!